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Flowers & Lace Cake

This is a relatively easy but still stunning fondant covered cake you can make for any occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, summer parties, this cake will fit in at any of these! I absolutely love the look of this cake – it’s simple, elegant and just so pretty!

Flowers and lace cake 01

Of course you can pick your own colour scheme for this cake. I really love the combination of pastel blue and yellow (as you might notice on this blog as well), so I chose it for this cake. I have kept the decorations quite simple, but you can go all out and cover the entire cake with lace and flowers if you prefer. Decorate it with the amount of flowers and lace you like to make this cake your own.

Flowers and lace cake 02

I have used several different flower cutters in different sizes, but if you only have one type of cutter that will look just as pretty. You could even pick the favourite flower of the cake’s recipient to make the cake more personal.

Flowers and lace cake 03

You will need

20cm cake of your choice, covered in buttercream or ganache

800g light blue fondant

200g white fondant

100g pastel yellow fondant or modelling paste

White sugar pearls


Rolling pin

Fondant smoother

Flower cutters

Scalloped round cutter

Cocktail stick or skewer


Put the cake in the fridge to chill while you’re preparing the decorations. Start off with the flowers, so they have some time to dry and become more stable.

Dust the work surface with a little corn flour and roll out the yellow fondant or modelling paste to about 2mm thick. Stamp out flowers in different sizes and shapes and use a little water to stick a white sugar pearl into the centre of each flower. Put onto baking paper to dry. If you have a flower former, you can use it to make the flowers more cupped. I like using an empty tray of Toffifee for this – the indents are the perfect size to dry smaller flowers in a rounded shape.

Now cover the cake in the light blue fondant. On a surface lightly dusted with corn flour, roll the fondant out to about 2-3mm thick, so it is big enough to cover the entire cake. Take the cake out of the fridge and drape the fondant over the top. Working quickly, smooth the fondant on to the top of the cake and around the top edge. Now start smoothing it down the sides of the cake, working from the top down. To get any folds out of the fondant, gently lift it away from the cake while smoothing it down with the other hand. Once the cake is completely covered, cut away the excess fondant at the bottom and smooth over the entire cake with the fondant smoother.

To make the lace, roll out the white fondant to about 2mm thick. Cut out about 10 circles with the scalloped circle cutter. Then use a cocktail stick or skewer to make holes in concentric circles to make it look a little like lace. Cut 5-6 circles in half with a sharp knife to go around the bottom of the cake.

Using a little water, stick the half circles around the bottom edge of the cake and the full circles going up one side of the cake. To finish, stick on the flowers with some more water, going up the same side of the cake and onto the top.


Happy baking!


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