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Batman Birthday Cake – Part I: The Details

This cake is the ultimate birthday cake for the Batman fan in your life! Bat symbol, 3D Batman mask, a comic-like skyline and some of the most iconic batman villains! This one takes some time to make, but it’s so worth it to see the excitement on people’s faces when you bring this cake out.

Batman Birthday Cake 01

Because this is a relatively complicated cake to make, I have split the tutorial up into two parts. In this part, I will go over how to make all the decorations for the cake board, the Batman mask and the skyline. In Part II, you can learn how to cover and decorate the cake itself and how to put everything together in the end.

Batman Birthday Cake 02

For the corners of the cake board I made iconic representations of four Batman villains – I chose the Joker, the Riddler, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. But if you have your own favourites, you can of course swap them for those. The 3D Batman mask makes this cake look extra special, but it’s actually not too difficult to make. I just ordered a cheap plastic batman mask for kids online and let the fondant dry on that for a few days. That way you get a very detailed mask without having to do a lot of intricate modelling yourself.

Because of the amount of detail and things needing to dry for a while it’s best to start a few days before you need the cake. For the mask, I would actually suggest making it a week in advance – that way you ensure it definitely has enough time to fully dry out and you can spread the work out a bit. The cake board as well as the skyline is best made 1-2 days in advance. To make sure you can fit the cake and the corner decorations onto your board, mark out where the cake is going to be, so you can put the decorations around it.

Batman Birthday Cake 07

You will need

500g black modelling paste

1.2kg light grey fondant

200g yellow fondant

100g red fondant

100g green fondant

100g white fondant

50g purple fondant

Edible glue (optional)


Plastic batman mask

Cling film

Black gel food colouring

30cm square cake board

Rolling pin

Sharp knife or scalpel

Ivy leaf cutters (optional)

Black & red edible markers or gel food colouring



The batman mask needs to be made a few days in advance, so it has enough time to fully harden. Brush a little bit of water onto the batman mask to make it a little damp, then cover the outside tightly in cling film. Roll out the black modelling paste to about 3mm thick and drape it over the mask. Smooth onto the surface and work any details, like the creases on the forehead into the modelling paste. Cut out the eyes with a sharp knife, and also cut away the excess modelling paste around the outside. Smooth all the edges as good as you can and leave to dry out completely. Once dry, dilute some black food colouring with a little bit of clear alcohol, like vodka, and brush all over the mask. This will make it even darker and give it a nice shine.

The buildings should also be made in advance so they have time to dry out. Roll out the black modelling paste to about 2mm thick and cut out skyscraper shapes with a sharp knife. Make them different shapes and sizes to give it more interest. Put on baking paper to dry. Roll out the yellow fondant as thinly as you can and cut out little rectangles for the windows. Glue those on with some water or edible glue, then leave to harden.

To cover the cake board, roll out the grey fondant to 2-3mm thick, brush the cake board with some water or edible glue and drape the fondant over the top. Smooth it out and cut off the excess.

For the Poison Ivy corner, mix some of the green fondant with a little yellow, some with a little white and some with a little black fondant to get different shades of green. Then roll out all the shades of green to about 2mm thick and cut out different sizes of ivy leaves. You can either use ivy leaf cutters for this or make yourself a few templates by drawing ivy leaves on paper and cutting around them with a sharp knife. Glue the leaves onto one corner of the covered cake board either with a little water or edible glue.

For the Harley Quinn corner, roll two equal small balls of fondant, one red and one black. Cut them both in half with a sharp knife and then in half again, so you end up with quarter wedges. Glue one red and one black wedge together with some water or edible glue. Now roll two thin cone shapes, one red and one black, and glue them onto the opposite coloured sides of the hat. To finish off the hat, roll two small balls of white and glue them onto the end of the cones. For her mask, roll out some black modelling paste and cut out a mask shape using a sharp knife. Glue both the hat and the mask onto a second corner of the cake board.

For the Riddler corner, roll a ball of green fondant and cut in half with a sharp knife. Roll out some more green fondant to about 2mm thick. Cut out a circle slightly bigger than the diameter of the ball. Roll out some purple fondant to about 1mm thick and cut out a thin strip and a question mark. Using some water or edible glue, stick the purple band around the bottom of one of the ball halves. Glue the half ball onto the circle of green and stick the question mark onto the front of the hat. Curl the edges of the green circle upwards on the two sides and then stick onto the third corner of the cake board.

For the Joker corner, roll out some white fondant to about 2mm thick. Cut out 4 playing card shapes and a mouth shape. Roll two thin snakes of red fondant and glue around the mouth shape for the lips. Using edible markers or gel food colouring and a thin brush, draw teeth onto the mouth and ‘J’s and suits onto the playing cards. Stick the mouth and cards into the last corner of the cake board.

Now you are ready to decorate the cake and finish assembling everything. Read all about that in Part II.


Happy baking!


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