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Batman Birthday Cake – Part II: The Cake

This is Part II of my Batman birthday cake – if you want to know how I’ve made all the cake board decorations and the awesome 3D Batman mask, go to Part I. In today’s post I will take you through covering the cake and decorating it with the bat symbol. And then it’s already time to assemble everything and present your cake to the birthday boy or girl!

Batman Birthday Cake 08

This was one of the birthday cakes I made for my husband, and I think it’s one of the most elaborate I have made to this date. He is a huge Batman fan, so I just knew I had to make him a Batman cake at least once! And it was definitely worth the effort, he absolutely loved it!

Batman Birthday Cake 07

To make this cake even more spectacular, I served it with the lights off and a cake fountain candle stuck in the top. You can get these from online cake decorating suppliers and in some bigger supermarkets and shops that sell cake decorating equipment. They burn for quite some time, so they’re really great for a big cake reveal.

Batman Birthday Cake 09

You will need

23cm cake, covered in buttercream or ganache

Remaining grey fondant from Part I

Remaining black modelling paste from Part I

Remaining yellow fondant from Part I

Edible glue (optional)


Pallet knife

Cake scraper (optional)

Rolling pin

Fondant smoother

Sharp knife

Bat cutter (optional)


Chill the cake in the fridge while you roll out the grey fondant to 2-3mm thick on a surface lightly dusted with cornflour. Drape the fondant over the cake and then, starting at the top, smooth the fondant onto the cake with your hands. Lift any folds away from the cake and smooth them out. Cut away the excess and go over the entire cake with your fondant smoother.

For the bat symbol, roll out some black modelling paste to about 2mm thick. Cut out the bat either using a cutter or a template – you can draw your own template onto paper or find a picture online, print it out and cut around it. Then roll out the yellow fondant to 2mm thick and cut out an oval big enough to fit the bat symbol on it (make sure it still fits onto your cake as well). Using some water or edible glue, stick the yellow oval onto the cake and the bat symbol on top. Then roll a long snake of black and place it around the outside edge of the oval.

To stick the cake onto the prepared cake board, either spread some buttercream or ganache onto the board or dampen the dried fondant on the board with a little water. Place the cake in the middle of the cake board. Cut out some letters for a birthday message and stick onto the cake and cake board, if you like.

Position the Batman mask on one side of the cake and glue into place with some water or edible glue. Then stick the skyscrapers around the rest of the cake. You can finish off the cake board with a ribbon around the edge to make it look neater.


Happy baking!


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