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White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondies

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and today I have a lovely sweet treat for you all that would be perfect as a bake for the occasion! Some Valentine’s treats can be a bit too complicated to make when you’ve got a whole load of other things to get done as well – especially with it being mid-week. But these blondies are quick to prepare, they just need a little time in the oven. So you can whip them up in a spare moment and then leave them to bake while you get on with all your other bits.

White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondies 01

Just like my brownies, I prefer these blondies a little more on the cakey side rather than fudgy. The cake itself is really soft and fluffy, studded with white chocolate pieces and raspberries. A little of the chocolate is melted and added into the batter itself to give a great flavour to the whole cake. The rest is chopped up and folded into the batter with the flour. The white chocolate pieces caramelise inside the blondies and give a really lovely taste to the bake. The amount of the white chocolate does make it quite sweet, but the raspberries balance out that sweetness really well. If it’s still too sweet for you, you could always reduce the sugar by a bit to make it right for you.

White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondies 02

You can use fresh or frozen raspberries in this recipe, the result will be delicious either way. Using frozen has the advantage that you can make these at any time in the year, whether raspberries are in season or not. I love them anytime of the year and they have been immensely popular with friends and colleagues whenever I’ve made them in the past. The combination of the tart raspberries and sweet white chocolate is just heavenly – and makes them perfect for Valentine’s. Instead of giving your loved one a box of chocolates, why not try these blondies this year instead? Or you could serve them up as dessert for a romantic home cooked dinner, still slightly warm with ice cream – yum!

White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondies 03

You will need

190g butter

300g white chocolate, chopped

3 eggs

1 ½ tsp vanilla extract

190g caster sugar

260g plain flour

175g raspberries, fresh or frozen

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C / gas mark 4. Line the base and sides of a 20cm square tin with baking paper.
  2. Melt the butter and 100g of the white chocolate in a bowl, then leave to cool for a few minutes while you get on with the wet ingredients. Put the eggs, vanilla and sugar into a mixing bowl and beat with a hand held electric whisk until light and foamy – this will take about 5-10 minutes. Mix in the cooled butter and chocolate mixture. Add the flour and the rest of the white chocolate and fold in. Then carefully fold in the raspberries.
  3. Spoon the batter into the tin and bake for 60-75 minutes, covering with foil if the top browns too much.
  4. Leave in the tin to cool completely, then cut into 12-16 pieces. Will keep in an airtight container for about 3 days.

Happy baking!


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