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Vanilla Sprinkle Birthday Cake

This classic birthday cake consists of soft and fluffy vanilla cake with lots of added chocolate chips and is filled and coated in a smooth vanilla buttercream. To finish it off there are some piped swirls on top and, of course, a good amount of sprinkles! What would be better to celebrate somebody’s special day?… Continue reading Vanilla Sprinkle Birthday Cake

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Easter Cheesecake

Today I bring you the first Easter recipe this month: a raspberry cheesecake decorated with Easter eggs! I love cheesecake; it’s so lovely and smooth and creamy, not too sweet with a nice subtly tangy flavour from the cream cheese. This recipe is a no-bake one, so you don’t even have to turn on the… Continue reading Easter Cheesecake

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Amaretto Cream Cake

Vanilla and chocolate cake layers, Amaretto flavoured cream and toasted almonds – this cake is brilliant for any celebration, but especially great as a treat around Christmas with its flavours of chocolate and marzipan. As German cream cakes go this is a simpler one, because you only have to make the cake layers, whip the… Continue reading Amaretto Cream Cake

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Donauwelle (“Danube wave”) is a classic German cake – Vanilla and chocolate, cherries and buttercream, this cake has got it all! Donauwelle, like quite a few German cakes, is baked in a large baking tray and then cut into squares to serve. It’s made up of several different layers: Vanilla cake, chocolate cake with cherries,… Continue reading Donauwelle