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These traditional Christmas biscuits are known under quite a number of different names throughout Germany: ‘Husarenkrapfen’ ‘Fingerkolatschen’, ‘Engelsaugen’ and many other names. ‘Husarenkrapfen’ translates to ‘Hussar’s doughnut’ – I have no idea what the Hussars have to do with these biscuits, but ‘Krapfen’ is one of the German words for filled doughnuts. Yes, we have… Continue reading Husarenkrapfen

Baking · Christmas bakes · German bakes · Sweets & Treats


Vanillekipferl are another very popular Christmas biscuit in Germany. In my family it can’t be Christmas without them, so I make these delicious treats every year. They are a very short crumbly biscuit with a strong vanilla flavour, finished off with a generous dusting of icing sugar. This week has been kind of crazy, because… Continue reading Vanillekipferl

Baking · Christmas bakes · German bakes

Lebkuchen – Elisenlebkuchen

Lebkuchen are one of the most famous German Christmas biscuits – people all around the world know and love them. But what a lot of people don’t actually know, is that there are generally two kinds of Lebkuchen in Germany: there is Lebkuchen made with butter, flour and either honey or black treacle used to… Continue reading Lebkuchen – Elisenlebkuchen