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Vanilla Sprinkle Birthday Cake

This classic birthday cake consists of soft and fluffy vanilla cake with lots of added chocolate chips and is filled and coated in a smooth vanilla buttercream. To finish it off there are some piped swirls on top and, of course, a good amount of sprinkles! What would be better to celebrate somebody’s special day?… Continue reading Vanilla Sprinkle Birthday Cake

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White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondies

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and today I have a lovely sweet treat for you all that would be perfect as a bake for the occasion! Some Valentine’s treats can be a bit too complicated to make when you’ve got a whole load of other things to get done as well – especially with it… Continue reading White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondies

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These traditional Christmas biscuits are known under quite a number of different names throughout Germany: ‘Husarenkrapfen’ ‘Fingerkolatschen’, ‘Engelsaugen’ and many other names. ‘Husarenkrapfen’ translates to ‘Hussar’s doughnut’ – I have no idea what the Hussars have to do with these biscuits, but ‘Krapfen’ is one of the German words for filled doughnuts. Yes, we have… Continue reading Husarenkrapfen

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Vanillekipferl are another very popular Christmas biscuit in Germany. In my family it can’t be Christmas without them, so I make these delicious treats every year. They are a very short crumbly biscuit with a strong vanilla flavour, finished off with a generous dusting of icing sugar. This week has been kind of crazy, because… Continue reading Vanillekipferl

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Vanilla & Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits

Rich chocolate ganache sandwiched between sweet and crumbly vanilla biscuits. This classic flavour combination will appeal to every biscuit lover! Apologies for the silence on my blog last Friday – the last week was absolutely insane! We were in Germany for a friend’s wedding and then came back to a few days that were supposed… Continue reading Vanilla & Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits